“Dear Classmates” Shae Monty Grand Island Youth Festival 2013

Dear classmates,

Your harsh word cut my thin pale skin,
Chilling me to the bone.
Rumors and Lies about me grow rampant,
Spread by loose lips and flaming tongues.
You are all excommunicating me,
Telling me how I should dress,
How I should act.
That I should transform into the featureless creatures you call yourselves.
You think you are so great when you Laugh at what I’ve gone through,
Where I’ve been.
When really I am laughing at you.
You are all the same.
Featureless blobs,
The very things that us who have been in the real whorl absolutely despise.
You cannot understand my pain,
You have not Ideas what it is like to go as mad as a hatter like I did.

The reject club president.

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