I Lost My Sanity by Shannon Montague Grand Island Youth Writing Festival 2013

I Lost my Sanity.

I lost my sanity,
One day in seventh grade,
Somewhere in-between the harmful words and the busy hallways of middle school.

I lost my sanity,
the day when i has enough of my parents getting mad at me for not being a straight A student.

I lost my sanity,
It was at that moment when I meant my friend The March Hare,
He was a bit on the mad side but I was too.

I lost my sanity.
He called me The Mad Hatter,
We were instantly friends in our made up world of Wonderland.

I lost my saintly.
Time stopped and we stayed together,
Drinking tea and talking about Ravens and Writing Desks.

I lost my sanity.
THe name calling and harassment stopped for a while but I didn’t care, I had my friend the March Hare.

I lost my sanity.
I changed schools and the bullying slowed,
but even today I still have my tea-time with The March Hare in the the book Alice in Wonderland

I lost my sanity.

Shannon Montague

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