“Untitled” Amber Schell Grand Island Youth Festival 2013

As I look around me I see tall and short kids from different schools talking, laughing, and getting ready to write. We go outside in the foggy mists, I listen to my surroundings, I hear the birds chirping back and forth maybe even arguing about a worm or something. Out in the far distance I hear a trains loud horn. In Wyoming I use to sit outside and listen to my surroundings, some people say that can’t hear their surroundings. All you have to do is stop talking, stop moving and just sit there breath in the breeze and listen. Those chirps are really loud, listening to those birds I think to myself if I could maybe be a bird fly with them talk to my friends in a bird voice. Birds calm me down, sometimes I always imagine them as animated characters and just put in my own words of what they are really saying, it can sometimes be funny or sometimes be really sad.

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