“Untitled” by Anna G. ESHS Festival

It’s possible to fall many different ways. With gravitational potential energy, or gpe, you just fall straight down. Sometimes, people go to great lengths to fall. They’ll spend thousands of dollars and many hours organizing a trip to do just that. It might be out of an airplane with a parachute, off a tower into a net, and or from a cliff with nothing but water below.

And other times, thought Sarah, it’s from a free because there’s just no other way. Climbing had seemed like a harmless thing to do, but like some law of Newton’s said, whatever went up, must go down.

But maybe not. Maybe she could just live up here, and become a monkey. Like reverse evolution. Except she was pretty sure that evolution took thousands, and often millions, of years. So she would be dead before anything happened.

It wasn’t really that far. When she was younger, she wouldn’t have taken five seconds to get down. She’d look around, see how she was, and then think she might as well conquer the world. She’d climb down quickly- she wasn’t supposed to be up there anyway- and jump from one of the last few branches.

But here, now, she was stuck. The branches had barely supported her weight coming up, and she was quite certain they wouldn’t coming down. She tested the branch underneath her. She didn’t hear anything, so she slid down. She did that for the next couple limbs, and then, after a deep breath, glanced down. It looked to be about ten feet. She couldn’t just jump from there, but the branches were much too small now.

But her options were severely limited. She bent, and stepped onto the branch. She heard a creak, and knew she was about to go crashing down. She grabbed a branch above her head, and froze. Below, hopefully it was five feet. She let go towards the ground.


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