“Untitled” Celie Knudsen Grand Island Youth Festival 2013

The colors are too much today. Their vividness apprehends my eyes, arresting my vision. Some days, their vivid hues are beautiful and pristine. Today they hurt. 

Maybe it’s the gentle fog rolling outside, beckoning to me. It’s lacy fingers try to caress my face, I can feel it calling behind this unfortunately well-lit school. It makes the colors here feel garish. They are trying hard to garner my rapt attention, but when I look all I see is fake. Plastic.
People are like that too, I suppose. Some creep upon you quietly, saturating themselves within you, until you don’t know how you ever lived without their soft presence.
And then, there are those that try far too hard. That seem exuberant and vibrant but soon get exhausting. Why don’t we recognize that the fog is just as important?
I guess, everyone just wants to be loved. Love is the motivator for the most scintillating rainbow and the sleepiest cloud. 
I feel tired today But I wonder- on most days, I must be some mottled bright and demure creature.
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