“Untitled” Hayley Kaiser Grand Island Youth Festival 2013

The cold is confronting. Reaching for me, begging me to embrace it, to cuddle with it. I’m not yet ready to face the cold. Instead, I toward the sun.

The golden warmth beats down on me. The sun does not judge; it is not harsh. It simply loves and comforts, with no need for any appreciation.
On days like today the cold tries to cover the sun. The cold wants you to feel alone. However, I know that it is a devious liar. The cold knows that once it is able to grip my hand, it can devour my soul. I am able to see the crystal orb glowing through.
When I am lonely and about to grasp for the cold, when I am ready to be enclosed in it, that is when the sun finally slips through. I am able to go on.
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