“Untitled” Kassidy Linabery Grand Island Youth Festival 2013

I get it now.
I never would’ve guessed that you’d change my life like you did.
When we met, I didn’t think much of it.
It was all excitement, spark, chemistry
things in storybooks you dream about but they never actually happen
because they don’t ever really happen
I get that now.
It was all love and hugs and butterfly kisses
but your lips never met mine
just like your idea of a relationship never met mine either
and it’s only so long before fighting and crying isn’t cute anymore
becomes more than a lover’s quarrel
I can see that now.
We both had wounds that wouldn’t heal
violently sick from the roller coasters that were our lives
so broken and so beat that neither of us believed those three little words
both made to believe the sun didn’t shine for us
told ourselves we could never be loved
I can see it now.

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