“Untitled” Miranda Cherry Grand Island Youth Festival 2013

Dear Bambi,

Once shame on you, twice shame on me.
The truth of that statement shatters my body and releases floods of hot blood and anger.
Hollow promises spill down my cheeks and skip like a flat rock over the puddles of memories.
But I’m done crying.
So I’ll pick up another bad habit and my stuff from your front porch with a foxy little grin and a shake that will make you hungry for fries.
My emotions are no longer imprisoned by your words and threats of actions.
So finally I’m taking off and leaving this depressing little pity party, so you can invite someone who actually gives a damn.
Because I’m done knowing why the caged bird sings and I’m ready to know why a free bird flies.
So take your little apologies and choke for all I care, because finally I’m getting what I deserve. Happiness.
Love Always,
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