“Untitled” Morgan Montgomery Grand Island Youth Writing Festival 2013

The cold tide crept up from the depths to meet my vulnerably bare legs, erasing the foot prints that carried the lives and stories of those who came before me. The beach curves away in the distance as I wade further out to the pull of the gentle ocean. I feel the caress of Lady peace and Lord Chaos, leading me to my destiny. I taste the salt in my mouth as I just float for a moment looking up at the sky where I see darkness sprinkled with beauty. Then I ask myself, “When will the princess show herself the face of the moon that calls to me?” I’d love to see her beauty before I breathe my last breath. I listen as I float waiting for her beautiful calmness, and as I listen I hear the rush of waves, then the crash of them meeting the resisting force of the rocks. Finally I can wait no longer and I suck in my last breath and push myself down down down as I reach further for the caress of the ocean floor full of glowing fish and seaweed. I turn and look up to watch the princess show her face wrinkled under the water. I slowly flow into numbness, and darkness begins to take over as my body convulses for its life breath and I feel nothing.

Morgan Montgomery

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