I was the youngest in a family of five. My dad was only 43. My mom was 40.  My brothers, Nate and Zach, are both 19. They are twins so I was always getting them mixed up.  I am 12 and the only girl on my block. My mom was always out with her friends and Zach was off in the military. Nate was always a jerk to me so I just ignore him. One day i hope he will learn that i am just a girl and i don’t like the way he treats me. Until that day i have to put up with him though. 

One day, Dad, Mom, Nate, and me were at the dining room table and the doorbell goes off. Looking around we realize none of us was expecting anyone.  Dad goes to the door and opens it cautiously. Standing on our doorstep all bloody and beaten is Zach.  He is wearing torn rags and no shoes. He comes inside and tells us the Nazis are coming for Nate. I have to admit I was glad because Nate was never nice to me but, I looked and saw the looks on everyones faces and realized it wasn’t the nicest thought to think. Dad told us to pack every thing we have. As I was sauntering up the stairs I still didn’t know what was so terrifying about Nate leaving.  When I was all done packing I finally realized what it was, Nate was a Jew. They were going to kill him. Thats why everyone looked so scared. Nate was going to die. NO, I would not let that happen. Even though Nate was a total jerk he was still my brother and I couldn’t bear to lose him.
When we got to the train station, I still didn’t know why we were in such a hurry. It’s not like they realized Nate was gone.  Thats when I look back and see a bunch of guards and terrifying looking people.  Dad, Mom, Zach, and Nate all look at me and tell me what I need to do.  Then they split up and go on different cars.  Right as they disappear from sight two guards with guns taller then me come around the corner. They walk up to me and ask if I have seen two young gentlemen.  I tell them I haven’t and they give me suspicious looks.  I give them my best scared and confused look. They must have believed it because they jogged to a different couple a half a block down.  Phew, we’re safe.  As I’m getting on the train I hear gunshots and screams. The next thing I know, there is blood everywhere. Then everything goes black.
As I wake up I see wet, gray stone and steel bars. Oh no, I thought I’m dead. Worse I thought, I’m in a Concentration Camp.
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