The smell of cleaning products burned her nostrils as she looked around the dimly lit movie theater. She heard the tap of her shoes as she walked down the aisle of chairs to the seat that she had scooped out. It was in the very back row and right in the middle. Right where she wanted to sit so she could see every one and be able to observe them, this was her favorite part of going to the movies, observing.
Her eyes wondered the mustard yellow walls to the movie screen. She looked above the movie screen to ceiling.
She lost herself in the patterns of the black ceiling. She wondered what it would feel like if she could trace the patterns of swirls, squares, and other odd shapes with her fingers.
She was aroused from her trance by the movement of a couple finding their seats in the row in front of her. The man and the woman were tall and lean, well groomed, and look happy to be together.
She moved on and looked at the man sitting two rows in front of her and six seats to the right. He wore what looked like a blue blazer and a pair of nice jeans. His face was shadowed with growing beard. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days. Kathy wondered what this man was doing here, he was dressed up like he was on a date but he was alone. Maybe some one was coming to meet him.
Kathy moved on to a couple that caught her eyes a few rows up. The man was a skinny, sickly looking thing. His close hung closely on his body. The woman on the other hand was plump, nothing like the man she was with. Kathy laughed to her self as she thought how opposites must really attract, just look at those two.
Her eyes where then turned to a group of loud teenage students that were walking into the theater. She could here the ticket seller telling them to be quiet through swing door that was now closing.
Once Kathy had looked over all the people in the theater, she looked down at her finger nails, short from being bit off with nervousness. Her mother kept telling her that bitting her finger nails was a bad habit to get into, but she couldn’t stop.
Finally the lights where shut off and the movie screen came to life. There was one last ray of light as the swinging door closed behind late comer.
Kathy studied this old man that came, he was short and wrinkled with years of living. His face was outlined in smile lines and his clothes discolored with years of use. Being late was probably not his plan, when he was younger he probably was always on time, but the year of hard work and living had taken their time on him.
This was Kathy’s favorite part of being in public, she could watch and listen to other people. To think that she could guess what other people’s lives are like. Here she could be who ever she wanted and forget about her life.
She could forget who she is.
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