Danielle-Deceptive Walls

Delicate traces appear on the ceilings. Warm neutral tones cover the walls. As I sit in the comfortably padded chair, a picture appears ahead. Black and white figures stand before me, implanted into the walls. They don’t just remain still though. They move back and forth, jumping from wall to wall. Soon they would orbit completely around me, like the planets to the sun. Then, suddenly, another figure appears, one with cold, frightening eyes. He seems to stare at me from ahead. He smiled. The figure reaches out his hand to me. Feeling his possible intention, I do the same to him. His arm appears to have come out of the wall, becoming closer to my own. We touch. He grabbed my hand, like you would to shake a hand in greeting. But instead, he yanks me forward out of my seat and into the wall I had first seen him in. I closed my eyes, afraid to see where I ended up. He releases my hand, and I open my eyes. The world around me is flat. I was in the wall. I was inside the movie. 

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