Emma M.

The first 11 years of Natilie’s life were the best!  She lived in a little farmhouse out in the middle of nowhere.  Natilie would go outside and sit in her favorite tree in her backyard.  It had a lot of thick and low climbing branches and was very colorful during the Fall.  Fall was Natilie’s favorite season for many reasons, she loved the smell, the colors and the cool air.  She would go up and sit in her tree along with her sketchpad and pencils as many times as she could.  Sometimes she would sit up there for hours on end drawing whatever she saw as she looked out from her tree.  She loved being an only child.  She felt so free when she was in her tree, no talking, no loud rumbles of cars, just the sounds of birds chirping and the wing rustling in the leaves of the tree.  All of this was true until November 2nd.  Her mom had just has twin girls, Kyle and Katie.  Natilie’s quiet days were over.
     “Do I have to?”, asked Natilie.
     “Yes!”, her mother replied for the fifth time since the twins were born.  The twins were now three years old and Natilies mom had told her that once they turn three you will have to share a room with them.
     “Can’t they just stay in the extra room we have?”, pleaded Natilie.
     ” What!  Of course not, that is our guest bedroom!”, cried her mother.
     “But why not, we never have guests over anyway”, said Natilie
     “That’s it,up to your room young lady we will discuss this later!”, yelled her mother.
     “I just don’t see what the big deal is.”, murmered Natilie
The twins were now six years old and going to kindergarten.  One day as they were riding the bus home Natilie had forgotten her homework in her locker so she asked the bus driver if she could go retrieve it.  The bus driver said yes so she ran in to get it.  As she was running back to the bus she starts to run across the street to the bus but she was not looking where she was going and a semi comes speeding down the street straight towards Natilie.  Natilie doesn’t notice the semi but her sisters Kyle and Katie do they roll down the window and yell at Natilie to watch out.  Natilie heard their cries and starts to look around she is straight in the path of the semi.  She runs back to the other side of the street just in time as the semi rolls by.  Then she makes sure to look up and down the street before crossing again.  She makes it back to the bus and thanks her sisters as soon as she gets on.  Then sits down and starts to look out the window thinking that maybe having sisters isn’t so bad after all.
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