Josie B.

Gabrielle Schaaf. Hmm, interesting name. I like it.
       Remy tracked Gabrielle, her Chosen, all day. Trips to the Buckle, Rue 21, and the local frozen yogurt place, Cherry on Top, were expected. But the trip that surprised her was the theatre. As Gabrielle went in, the admissions lady beamed her 100-watt smile and handed her two tickets to the movie, which was-Remy was knocked suddenly to the ground before she could read the name of the film.
     “Oh my god, are you okay?” a masculine voice inquired. “Here, give me your arm,” Remy didn’t, but he took it anyway. She looked up and saw an adorably hunky guy with those gorgeous blue eyes that you could swim in-Stop! she scolded herself. Not on a mission. Not here, not now when she could so easily lose her Chosen. While he started to initiate conversation, she was craning her neck to watch through the window. Gabe, ordering a popcorn with Milk Duds and a Dr.Pepper. “My name is Levi.” Gabe, walking off with her boyfriend, Cooper, to the romance movie. “What’s your name?” Ugh, she was losing her. She turned to the adorable Levi.
     “Let me have your hand.” As he gave it to her, she glanced and saw the lady putting up a sign;’ “Two Minutes Left to Purchase Tickets.” ‘ She got out her Baby Lips by Maybelline and scrawled her phone number on his bronzed palm.
       She bellowed out a “Call me!” and followed her chance of redemption into the theatre just as the Dark villain drew his knife.
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