Lainey-Title Stories

Don’t you just love to write stories for fun? I like to write but I still need a little more help to make my sentences better. The fun part about writing stories is that you can use your own imagination. You can write what ever you want to write, the sky is the limit. It doesn’t matter what you write about it matters if you think it is good and hopefully people will like your book if you want it to be published. Sometimes it is hard to get inspiration and figure out what you are going to write about, but it takes time to figure it out, but once you figure it out, you won’t be able to stop writing because you have all this inspiration coming to you that would be hard to put down the pencil.Writing something is very healthy to do if you are feeling an emotion like sad or angry. Writing helps you let all that out in a healthy way instead of a bad way. Inspiration for writing a story can come from anywhere just by looking up at a ceiling can give you a flood of ideas. People have different ways of getting inspiration to write a story like exercising, looking at a ceiling, just being at a certain spot or building. My way of getting inspiration is by just sitting and thinking about what would be good to write about. The most important thing is, is that inspiration takes time. It may take you awhile to figure out what you are going to write about, whether it is about shoes, the sunset, make-up serious issues in the world,or what ever your story is about, It is all worth it in the end because you have a smash-hitting story right in your notebook.   

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