Lydia “Trapped by Wolves”

Crisply does the wind in October rustle down the meadow as I walk through the wilted flowers of the Autumn colored meadow. Every step I take produced the sound of twig snapping in half. Sadie, my sister, follows me as I winds through the tall, thick grass. I watch the grass for any sorts of signs of wolves. Wolves have been known to be in the meadow, it is their hunting ground. No one has been known to escape the wolves alive. Last week my best friend was found deceased in the meadow, killed and eaten by wolves. My mother was frightened to think that we are hunting in the wolf territory.
With my rifle at hand I notice that Sadie has stopped walking and stands where she is with a very frightened expression on her freckled face. I look around at my surroundings. Something black weaves through the dense grass. The only thing I can imagine it being is wolves.
Black wolves surround us snarling at us like we are easy prey, too easy. The wolves make me think about ambushes in the war times or when a cat pounces on us. Soon they will take us out one by one.  Soon, we will be dead. They start to close in on us, soon there will be no escape from this. We are now officially trapped.
I only have two bullets to defend myself and Sadie. The wolves won’t be easy to scare off. They are not like ordinary wolves. These are different. Regular wolves would stay away from humans at any cost, but these will not. How will me and Sadie survive?
The wolves circle around us waiting for the proper moment to pounce on us. Their snarls make me shiver. Boy, do I wish Dad was here. He would have saved us, but he is gone. Soon we will be gone. No one can save us. Our bodies will be in the ground before we even know it. Somebody, anybody, come help us.
Sadie grabs a large stick from the ground and waves it around, trying to swing it at the wolves head. She’s braver than I thought. Her weapon won’t be enough to protect herself from these vicious creatures. My rifle will do us no good. The wolves will soon make their terrifying move for the kill.
How will we survive this? When will they conquer our lives?
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