Music, Heirloom-Ashley

Family of Music
Melodies of old.

Melodies of new.
Familiar hums fill my ears.

A calming atmosphere and smiles

all around.

A new one? Sure.

We’ll sing that too.

Along with the plucking of

strings and a tap on the drums.

“Gather around the piano!” grandma says.

Her fingers glide miraculously

over the keys. She knows

what she’s doing and it makes

us all smile.

Songs of God’s love fill our souls

and once it’s over, we begin again.

Harmonies come naturally
like we’ve known since birth.

This is who I am, we are.

Music is us, we are the music.

Never wanting to let go. We won’t.

It’s part of a love that can only be

kept strong by the harmonies
that click together just as our

fingers do interlocking.

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