I open my eyes, crowds cheering, ranting, and raging. We won! We won the state championship. I cant believe I actually did it! For the first time I was the one being praised, me the ultimate low, the one they call a looser. I finally have my moment in glory, the moment I’ve waited for my whole life. As my teammates rise me high into the air upon their shoulders I stop and realize, it’s not all about having your moment in glory, being rich, famous, or popular. It’s about how dedicated you are and most importantly, it’s not about how other people see you or how they think of you, it’s about how you see and think of yourself. 100% of you think more negatively about yourselves than you do positive. I admit I’m guilty as charged, but here’s my question… why? Why not think of all the good and positive things, i mean you’re all beautiful inside and out. So why do we push others around and make them feel bad about themselves to make us feel better about ourselves? I don’t have the answer to all these questions, but just remember you’re already perfect, every single one of you no doubt about that. We can all have our moments in gory, some more than others, but because of these special moments don’t let them make you feel like you’re better than anyone else. We’re all equal, we’re all perfect, we’re all beautiful. Perfection is beauty.

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