Tate-Our Big Dream

Commitment.  It’s a big word.  It means to fully buy into something to reach a goal.  That’s what we wanted.  Everyone committed.  That’s how you get something done.  We didn’t reach that game by luck.  It wasn’t some miracle.  It was crisp July mornings in the weight room.  It was hot summer nights practicing plays until we got them right.  It was doing something until you perfected it.  Committing to a goal.  Where everyone had the same look in their eyes.  The same focus, passion and drive as you.  Where you saw everybody pulling together.  When others partied, we worked.  When others were drinking alcohol, we were drinking water or Gatorade.  We worked long and hard in the summer.  That’s where the dream became a real life potential.  In the weight room.  One town.  One team.  One dream.

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