The Good Old Days

 This place I’m in smells amazing. I love it here. As a kid I always came here to look around. I was always looking at the balloons, asking if I could have one. I was lucky if I did.

    My favorite place is the kids section. I remember when I was a kid. I was always running around in circles, screaming, and crying when I didn’t get what I wanted. When I would get scared, I would always climb up in to my mother and father’s bed. Those were the days when I was just a kid. When I didn’t even know what one plus one was.
    Now I’m looking at the flowers in the store.I love the smell of them. I love the beautiful colors they have. My dad gets my mom them quite often. I would always read the card before she ever got to it.
    The decorations in here are perfect for the spring. Everywhere you look the decorations are put in the perfect place. There are flower decorations in the the windows and there are vines over the light. But it brightens the place up.
Stuart Public School
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