Nebraska Writing Project Youth Writing Festival 2015

 The following are student writing submitted by students who attend the NeWP  Youth Writing Festival 2015.

“Business Day”

Click, clack, click, clack—
Can you hear the rhythm?
The tapping of our fancy, dress-up shoes,
The opening and closing of my briefcase,
The tick, the tick of a constantly moving clock,
The buzz of interaction yet no one really talks.
It’s Business Day, you see, nothing personal.
No, really, nothing personal.
We keep it professional.
No expression, no emotion, no color.
It is gray and only gray.
It is gray everyday
Because every day is Business Day.

The beautiful sky, the wind
softly blowing, and the animals
 slowly roaming.  The grass under
 my feet feels and looks like
 a silky array of green silk.
 The sun was setting and
 the sky was like a rainbow.
The giraffe I was leaning
 against had the softest
of fur, I named her
 Lola.  There she and I
fell asleep.
 a Poem by Kyra  St.Patrick School
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