A Beautiful Flower-Anonymous 1 YWF 2015

You would think this is an ordinary flower, but no. Deep in the valley of Ireland sits a beautiful flower. It just got done raining, so there were water droplets on the flower. One day a very sad man named Jasper decided to go for a walk. He came upon the flower and said “wow that’s a really pretty flower”. He decided to take the flower because he wanted to make his room colorful and bright. The next day Jasper came home from work sighing and falling onto his bed. He looked at the flower and all of the sudden the flower popped! Jasper saw it disappear piece by piece. little did he know that was a good thing. All he had to do was close his eyes and make a wish. He started researching about magical flowers and it brought up his flower. He found out what to do. Jasper made a wish. He wished he wasn’t so lonely. Later that night his wish came true. He lived happily ever after with his new wife named Suzie.


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