A Scary Noise– YWF 2015

When DaLainey heard a noise downstairs, her heart jumped into her stomach, she was so scared that even if a fly landed on her she would freak out. Tonight was the first night she had been home alone out in the country because her parents went out for a date, so she was home by herself and she was loving it. But she was scared because she didn’t think she was only here at her home. When she heard the huge noise she sprang out of her chair paused the T.V. and turned on all the lights upstairs and listened for the noise again. “Crash Boom!” When she heard this, she jumped so high that she almost touched the ceiling in her house. When DaLainey heard the noise again she grabbed a baseball bat from her garage for protection. Then she decided to go downstairs to see where the noise was coming from. DaLainey was so scared, she could here her heartbeat in her ears, her mouth was dry, and she was shaking so bad. So she descended down the staircase and turned on the lights and nothing. DaLainey was very glad. But then she the noise again,”Crash Boom!” This time she heard it coming from the storage room. She crept all the way to the storage room and put her hand on the door. Even though she didn’t want to open the door, she had to be brave. So finally she opened the door turned on the light and saw a huge mess of things everywhere. Her cat Midnight was in the storage room as well, for it was her cat jumping on stacks of boxes, old clothes, decorations and making them fall which was causing the scary noises. ”Midnight, did you make this gigantic mess?” ”Meow.” said Midnight. DaLainey laughed and was very happy and calm knowing it was just her cat making the noise.


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