“Afraid” YWF 2015

She flinched away from the unsuspecting boy who was just minding his own business. He came to close to touching her and she’d reacted on instinct. It wasn’t his fault, though. It was her problem. She needed to stop being so jumpy. She should probably teach herself to get used to touch, but she just couldn’t. She wouldn’t risk it. Not now, not ever. Though, she hoped someday she would come across someone who she didn’t have to be afraid of. She knew that would never happen, that it simply wasn’t possible. Everyone would leave her. And if they didn’t do so by thief own choice, they would force her to leave by laying a harmful hand on her. She hated being so scared all the time, but she also relished in it. It was her defense.

–Brooke- North Platte

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