“Alone” YWF 2015


I run from the bus, for I crowded

I don’t need or want company

I have toys to play with, books to read,

music to play, stories to write.

But, today I line up the toys and get out the set,

for today’s play will be the best one, yet.

I think up the lines and the movement and get the scene just right.

A party, room for one and his toys

Move they around the room, letting imagination take flight.

Yet, my mother won’t be home for an hour so  set out to make sandwich, just right

For me, and me the only one on the guest list

Then he came knocking, his heart hopping

He was new and needed a friend, so I let him in.

The games became more fun,

Then she came round wanting to write a story, a poem

Now, I don’t need the toys!

I’m not alone.

At school, at home, everywhere

If we need each other we’ll always be there.

My days are much better

I feel light- hearted, see the world better

Now, I put the toys in a box,

And leave them alone, forever.

For, now my friends and I have grass to roll, sights to see food to eat.

The world opened up with him and her

My world isn’t my toys, my books

My world is them,

Him and Her


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