“Beauty” YWF2015

The doors were unlocked. The girl slowly pushed the glass doors open and timidly stepped inside. She could hear the clock ticking, keeping the rhythm with her heart. She tilted her head back and could see the streetlights illuminating the stained glass that sat above the doors. Her breath caught as the beauty overwhelmed her.

She turned away from the door and made her way to the stairs, feeling her feet weigh her down with every step she took. She took a deep breath before pushing past the doors that separated her and the darkened room. As she stepped in, she could no longer feel the pain that had weighed down.

She sat in the furthest pew away from the altar. Her eyes stung as she remembered her father. He had introduced her to this church. He had shown her the beauty that was hidden within it. This was the last place she had seen her father, except he had been in a coffin, not sitting beside her and braiding her raven hair.

She stood up as fear and sorrow wrapped their cold fingers around her heart. She backed away, nearly running into the doors. She raced out, nearly tripping over herself on the stairs. She blew through the doors and disappeared. The only thing left disturbed was the shining light in the church that waited for her to return and take her into its arms.

—Jordan Alma Public School

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