“Brothers” YWF 2015

I’m that weird girl. I think you might know her. She’s that band dork that’s obsessed with her piano, trumpet, flute, guitar, and clarinet.

Do you remember her now? Does she ring a bell? No? I’ll keep going then.

She’s that weird girl that hangs out with the boys and understands them possibly better than she understands her own species (female). She adores music from the 1960’s and couldn’t tell you a Five Seconds of Summer song if she tried because all that’s in her head is the Beatles and other old British boy bands.

That girl is so weird, but she seems to really enjoy her weirdness! She’s got the boys to tell her who she should or should not like, and who and who not to date when she comes of age, and who and who doesn’t have a crush on her, and who and who not to flirt with.

I’ve got my brothers to look out for me and it’s alright that they’re always looking over my shoulders and always drinking my soda and relentlessly teasing me. I totally dig everything about my life with my brothers because they’ve got my back and I’ve got theirs.

Elli –Valentine

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