“Every once in a while…,” YWF 2015

Every once in a while you experience something that just kind of hits you. It’s not like a painful hit but it takes your breath away. When I walked through those doors in to the Church it was one of those moments. I could barely believe my eyes when they met with the sheer beauty of this establishment. Every inch  of the building was decorated so precisely that it was almost unimaginable. Pillars lined the aisles from the back of the Church all the way up to the altar and looked like granite. It gave me such a safe feeling that deep down I didn’t want to leave.

This magnificent building, that was not by any means the largest in size, had high ceilings that made it so that even the smallest sound would echo throughout the whole building in a kind of mysterious way. The stain glass windows allowed light to flow in fill the Chapel with a glowing light and had beautiful statues everywhere. Still, as if it was keeping my attention hostage, I was drawn most to the tabernacle and the statue that was surrounding it. The tabernacle sat in the middle while the art work depicted three men. Those three men represented The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit in Heaven. It was an amazing and breathless sight that can never be forgotten.

Aiden   McCook St. Patrick’s

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