“New Home” YWF 2015

When we pulled up to the rickety, two-story, gray house, Sicily’s ice blue eyes widened. “I am so not going in there. That’s supposed to be my house? It’s probably haunted. Seriously, look at the windows. They’re covered in sheets. How can that not scream “Paranormal Activity” to you?”

Exasperated, Bryan interrupts “Would you shut up already? I can take care of you. I’ve seen, like, every horror movie in English. There was even that conquistador one in Spanish, too.” Bryan rambled. My brother is always trying to act tougher than he really is. Especially after his first fight in eighth grade.

“Yeah right, moron. The only thing you would end up doing is getting me killed,” Sicily glared at him as she flipped her long black her out of her pale face. She grabbed her bag and threw it on the spiny grass. Following her lead, Bryan did the same and and sat down on it. They immediately started fighting.

“You guys are idiots,” I mumbled as I got out of the car with my backpack and roller suitcase. “Mom, throw me the keys,” I said, a little louder this time. I fumbled them on my way up the stairs, trying to get the new, spindly one out from all the rest. As I put the key into the lock, I glanced at Bryan and Sicily fighting through a reflection. Turning the knob, I turned around and opened the door. Seeing my siblings’ reactions, I rolled my eyes and marched into what had just become my new home.


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