“Perspectives of the Civil Rights Movement” YWF 2015


I have very little say in this world. I have next to no rights and even less power. For you see, I am a woman. It is the men that have the say, the rights, the power. Worry not, though, I am not completely helpless. I am not the bottom of the food chain. Ever since I was little, I was taught that I am better than someone; I am better than those blacks.

I have little rights and no authority. I am a grown man afraid to walk down the street. I see the looks those white men give me as I pass them, looks of anger and disgust. How dare I, a black man, breathe a white man’s air? I cannot take my family on a stroll because I fear for their safety. All I want from this world is for my wife and children to be treated as equal. I want to walk outside one day and see my children playing side by side with the white children. I want white people to not be shunned for talking to me. I want equality.

You cannot treat the blacks the way you treat. Segregation is not wrong; it is perfectly right. I am better than them! I am superior! If the civil rights movement succeeds… I am nothing.

The civil rights movement is my dreams come to life. It means everything to me. It has to work! It has to. I would give my life to see it succeed.

Nicholas- Kimball

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