“Skunk Bird” YWF 2015

A Skunk-Bird comes only a few days a year. It mostly comes in the summer when the skunks are out most. It’s a disturbing sight to see, just like your Uncle McGee. A Skunk-Bird has a fury head, a skunk tail, bird feet, a beak, and a feathery body. You know your uncle is somewhat like this. With his furry face, all black with a white stripe in the middle. He hides his tail in his overalls so nobody can see it. He has those weird legs and feet just like a bird. He wears a a human body cover so you can’t see his body.  Now you know why your Uncle McGee has that weird hard nose. Now remember, be very wary at night with skunks and birds about.

For maybe, a skunk bird will spray you that night.

-Trey- St. Patrick’s

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