T.J.W. YWF 2015

T.J.W.; initials only, no names;

Is known by Scarecrow, by a very special means.

It was one night in August,

When the winds blew quite a gust,

That T.J.W. went to meet his name.

He was walking along not even spotting game.

Then upon a whisper of wind, he heard a voice,

“Take care, young man, for you are our choice

To be taken to meet the King of Scares.”

“Just follow me, of you I will take care.”

Then the whisper of wind was gone

And T.J.W. along with it.

He was swept into the tallest of trees.

When he finally settled there was only the slightest of breeze.

And there before him was the King of Scares.

The King bellowed, ” You must not cringe, or in half you will tear.”

” Cringe you must not to be endowed with my powers.”

T.J.W. stood still and grew up and down from the size of towers.

During this he gained powers; unimaginable.

He was set loose to use his power as he pleased.

For his ability to control crows, he was known as Scarecrow from then on.

Thomas W.-St. Patrick School

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