“Untitled”–Anonymous 2 YWF 2015

As I walked along the rocky shoreline that accompanied the lake, I noticed a stranger who seemed out of place, He stood near a giant, curved pipe that, as I got closer, contained the rhythm of the water from within the depths. As I went from rough rocks to smooth concrete, I felt the atmosphere shift as I asked the stranger, “who are you?” He just stared into the horizon as the blues of the lake sang through sad memories that could only be heard by those who’ve felt true hurt. It was then that I realized who I could become. I felt a bitter taste in my mouth when I realized that I haven’t had food for what seemed like weeks. As soon as the aroma of a miracle swept me in, the man was gone. What was that miracle? The smell of a fresh-cooked fish in the distance. Unfortunately, the sweet smell had hidden horror, for there was that man again.


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