“Untitled” –Casey YWF 2015

Coming from the leafless tress to the right of me birds sing a beautiful melody, as if they were trying to chirp their loved ones to sleep.

The long, tall, brown grass is slowly dancing in the wind, creating a beautiful humming with sweet, gentle beats.

In the distance I see a strongly built, big brown horse, accompanying a beautiful white horse. The brown horse is aware of my appearance as he trots around the open field with pride. The white horse is ever so gently looking around with a look of happiness, the look of happiness you see when two lovers look at each other with fierce passion.

The windmill is spinning clockwise, around, and around, and around. It goes in circles like a helpless goldfish does in its lonely tank for the millionth time.

I can hear the slight movement of the rocks and dirt beneath my feet as I walk down this trail of this small little town.

The day is young, the sun is bright. The feeling of joy runs freely through my body and my veins. I feel peace, love, and the presents of the spirits all around me. I am happy, and I am free.


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