“Untitled” Elle/Stuart YWF 2015

Cozy, soft, warm, why do we as people get that? People today get to the house and can be safe and cozy, but people out there in Africa, Asia really anywhere don’t always get a warm cozy place to stay. Some people get to go home and be safe away from all the harm the distractions that cold harm you. If you go to the city some people don’t get to see the safe side they always feel the harm they live in trash cans, on the highways, in alleys never see anything safe to them. We people in America get to eat food daily whenever we want all the time. Other people don’t even know if they are going to get feed or not if they will have to starve another day. Kids in general always say to the parents when they get hungry mom or dad I am starving but they haven’t seen starving they will never be starving like some children are. All us kids can think about after a long day of school coming home to your parents and asking them how was their day was and the parents asking them how their day was is about the most precious thing you can get. Some children in the world don’t have parents anymore they don’t go to school because they can’t afford it. That’s really sad to think about all of that why do we do that to children. Someday I hope there is a way to save children from hunger. It’s so unfair that we get all fun things and get whatever we want, but other kids don’t; why is that? I hope the world will change and one day things will be fair to kids around the world. We the world need to stop world hunger!


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