“Untitled” –Laurel YWF 2015

“Mother, can I go into town?” I ask.

“What for?” my mother questions.

“I just want to explore the town a little more.”

“Oh,” she pauses, “I suppose.”

I grab my jacket a rush out the door. The first thing  I see when i step out of my house is the church. My family just recently moved to Stuart and I’ve never been inside the church before. Maybe I’ll go in there one day, but not today. When I look away from the church, I see light posts with little flags connected to them. I walk in the middle of the street because Stuart is such a small town.

I see an American flag attached to a pole that reminds me of my old home. In my old home there were American flags everywhere. I really miss my old home, but I think this is really going to be a great beginning for me.

I enter my house slightly tired.

“How was it?” my mother asked.

“It was fine,” I reply.

Laurel–McCook St. Patrick School

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