“Untitled” –Savannah YWF 2015


I’ve been missing dad a lot lately. Mom hasn’t really been eating too much. It’s not really affecting Connor. I’m trying to be strong for mom. I just hurt so much on the inside. How could dad ever leave us? Mom and dad seemed so happy together. Mom told me he had an affair with Melissa. Mom and Melissa were best friends. How could he do any of this to us, to our entire family?


Melissa and I are so happy. I must admit I miss the kids a little bit. I really don’t miss Lorie. But Melissa’s family drives me insane. I wonder where Melissa and I will go this weekend? I probably won’t let her come to Mom’s. I have to live at Mom’s right now and I hate it. When the kids ask me why Lorie and I got divorced I’ll probably tell them we weren’t getting along. Savanna will believe me because she doesn’t know any better. Connor will most likely get angry with me but I don’t really care. As long as I’m with Melissa I’ll be happy.


I just want Trent to come home. I feel so bad for the kids. They’re gonna have to grow up without their father at home. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain they’re going through. I haven’t been eating. I just don’t feel the need to. I’ve been crying so much. I try to hide it from the kids, but it’s all so hard. How could Trent have ever done this? How could Melissa do this? She was my best friend. I just want Trent to come home. The kids are gonna need him. I mean Savanna is only six years old. What am I gonna do?


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