A Two Way Mirror  by Ruby G. B.



These doors

The glass

I can see, but I cant tell who stands on the other side

Its a to way mirror

And I need the darkness to wash over me

To wash over all this blinding light

So I can see the people these muffled voices belong to

And who is saying my name

Over and over

I cant take the pressure

Theses windows

I need a way out

These doors

Make it stop

That bed

Make it go away

These beeping machines

I don’t like it

They only get louder and louder

Step by step

Closer and closer

Whisper by whisper



It all stops

And I’m left there

Staring into my own eyes

Not a two way mirror

But that bed

That body

My body

Lying there still

Breathing and alive

Yet dead on the inside

My body

Reaching out to me

Pointing to all the machines

To the off button

My body

Wanting the end of the world

To wash over her

In a tidal wave of reality

My body

Walking towards all the noisy machines

And reaching out

Only to press the off but-

It all fades to black

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