Escape from Home: Prologue by Jordan, Alice Buffet Middle School

Amongst a planet far away in the stars, after a devastating war, treaties and negotiations were being made to avoid such bloodshed ever again. Sphey’s population had been cut down by an estimated 90% after the mass havoc wreaked upon it. It’s once beautiful falls ran red with blood, and where there were once beautiful gardens now lay smoking ruins. As a result, for the first time ever did the world’s leaders negotiate a worldwide treaty called the Adverse Pact, for which the rules were simple. All of the world’s soldiers and countries would lend support to one another, and a higher power, called the Overhang, would supervise all of the scheduled activities. After a few years, when everything seemed fine, a new problem arose. There were rumors of people called “Skippers” who chafed under the rules and such strict order, who weren’t limited to one style of living. It seemed at the time that such a world could never live in peace, with everyone shaking from nervousness and hostility and fights breaking out amongst the citizens, often ending with fatal results. Then there came such a man nicknamed “The Break” because he often succeeded in breaking into people’s inner secrets, delving into their mind one by one. Thus he created a way to identify the rumored “Skippers” using a complicated series of tests simulated by a machine. Yet, he was a very cruel, unyielding man, keeping his authority by whispered threats, and often hiring assassins to make them keep quiet. Most everyone did their best to hide it, but he eventually managed to make them crack like a nutshell. So many leaders were afraid of the perils these people possessed, so the Overhang hired him to devise an efficient way to identify those who had the ability to disrupt the peace. After years of work, he had it. Every school across the world would require everyone who was twelve years old to take “The Discovery”. Here’s such a story of a boy who couldn’t hide it any longer…

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