Flash Back by Katie from Stuart

“Do you here that?” asked a voice by Annabeth’s ear.She knew it was Rosalene, her younger sister.

She knew it was Rosalene, her younger sister.

“Here what?” she asked.
“Those footsteps, in the hall,” whispered Rosalene.
Annabeth listened quietly. Nothing.
“I don’t hear a thing, Rosy. Go back to sleep,” commanded Annabeth.
Their family was staying in a hospital being quarenteened. Mama just had a baby boy named Matthew.
Suddenly, there was a scream, and then crying. Then, their father, Steven, was yelling for a doctor. One came rushing up the stairs. Their father said something and the doctor called for a nurse, and a coffin. Annabeth wanted to know what happened, but she wasn’t allowed to get out of bed.
“You can have the funeral in the morning. And we’ll catch whoever did this soon,” comforted the doctor.
Annabeth closed her eyes tight, now not wanting to know want happened.She didn’t sleep at all that night.
The next morning, she gingerly got to her feet and walked over to the library across the hall. It always comforted her. She picked up a book she had been reading for a while. It was a man who said he went forward in time and came back. Papa said it was nonsense, but Annabeth was fascinated by it.
After a while she went down to the dining room. She saw Mama, Papa, Rosalene, and Tom. But where was Matthew? Ananbeth thought about last night and decided not to ask. She heard the door open and close. She saw a man walking with a wooden box. He set it down in the middle of a circle of trees. Her mother hid here face in her hands and cried. Annabeth looked at Tom who gave her a “not now, not here look.”
She took the seat between Tom and Rosalene. The food smelled delicious. Eggs, sausage, bread, butter, and milk. She ate quietly, but didn’t have much of an appetite. She wanted to know what happened. After she was done eating, she put her plate in the wash bin. She followed Tom into the living room. He was a year older than Annabeth. He told her the story.
A man walked in last night while everyone was asleep. He went to Mama and Papa’s room and killed Matthew. He escaped and no one who he is or where he is. No one even heard him come in. Annabeth wanted to say Rosy heard, but wasn’t sure how to put it, so she said nothing.
Later, Annabeth went back to reading her book. She wish she could go back in time and save Matthew. Before she knew it, it was bedtime. She changed into her nightgown and fell asleep.
A little while later Rosy said, “Do you hear that?”
“Like I said last night, I don’t hear anything.”
“You didn’t say that last night,” responded Rosy.
“Wait, what day is it?” asked Annabeth.
“June 21, 1826. Why?” asked Rosy.
“Wait here,” answered Annabeth.
She headed down the hall and a hooded figure was right by the corner. He turned and ran down the stairs and out the door. Everyone was safe.
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