The Boy that Could Only Hope by Taya from Stuart


     One cold night I raced into the dark forest ahead of me.  I got so far in that I could no longer see anything. I sat against a tree in the cold dark night  and held my lantern in my hand, hoping that one day everything would be okay. Was this lantern the key? It light up my soul and gives me hope. I see dark figures all around, and the sound of nature is getting louder and louder. What is it that is looking for me. I am only seeking life.
     It is so dark and quiet I only have time to think. Think about why this I happening to me, why me. As I gaze into my lantern all I can see is hope. Hope for me and for the world. Is this small dimming light my only hope? Is this light my redeemer? Or am I hopeless an lifeless? Please be my redeemer it is my only hope. I want to stop running from life and the world. Give me HOPE!
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