The Clover Guardian by Grace from Stuart

When the special day finally arrived Larry the Leprechaun woke up bright and early.  He was as excited as a cat with a ball of yarn.  He couldn’t wait for the big parade, because after the big parade the mayor would make the big announcement! Who would be the clover guardian?  It was a question in the back of all the leprechaun’s brains.  It was an honor to be chosen to guard the only four leaf clover in the small town of Irishville.  The guardian got to ride around on the biggest float in the parade.  It was shaped like an enormous shamrock.  The guardian would get to ride around all day on that float.  Larry sat patiently on the side of the street in his little green chair.  It seemed like it took an eternity for each float to pass.  When would the parade finally be over?  At last all the floats had passed. It was finally time for the big announcement. Who would be chosen for guardian?  Would it be Larry or Louie? Louie was the stuck up self absorbed leprechaun who always won the honor of being guardian.  At last the time had come.  The mayor slowly started to open up the envelope. The winner was Larry. He didn’t know if he should cry with releif or jump with joy.  He did both. He ran up to the mayor and hugged him and thanked him. Louie began to cry. Why hadn’t he won? Larry noticed his disappointment and went over to cheer him up. After talking it through Larry and Louie decided that they could both be the guardians of the clover.  Eventually the two little leprechauns became best friends.  They grew identical red beards and dressed the same, they also did an Irish jig together .  The two leprechauns lived happily ever after.

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