Three pieces from Jack at Valentine

Old House

I walked through the archway that sat along the beginning of the sidewalk, and stopped in front of an old, colorless, house. I stood before the building that hung over everything else around it, and peered into the doorway. Inside was an armless mannequin with skin that was cracking, and its head turned toward the door. I walked further down the sidewalk

Awful Gift Cards
You know those awful gift cards with terrible puns? Every single year I get one for every occasion, because I am completely obsessed with them. Sometimes, I’ll even create events to make my collection even bigger, but now it’s getting out of hand. I can’t go a single day without trying to convince my family that my birthday was yesterday, or some other lie. My collection is beginning to fill up all the space in my entire house, and I should probably seek help
Whenever I walk into a furniture store, I take note on how many chairs there are. There are sofas, stools, leather chairs, soft chairs, chairs of different shapes, and colors, and rolling chairs. It makes you wonder how the act of sitting in chairs was originally thought of. Who was the genius who thought of putting legs on a flat surface solely for the purpose for a human to “sit” in? It’s definitely more groundbreaking than people give credit for, considering that almost every person in the world sits in chairs daily. Whether it be sitting at a desk, sitting at the table for dinner, or even jumping from chair to chair in a furniture store, chairs and sitting are forms of art.
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