Untitled by Ashley from Stuart

It wasn’t so much that I had been blind to the truth. It was just that I had seen the truth differently. I thought of myself being creative in my own way. People ask me about being blind and I tell them I don’t like the word blind, But I just can’t see like you. Then they ask me what colors I see, I say what are colors and they then ask me do you see the color black? I say what does the color black look like and they often explain but I don’t understand. I’m no different than you I tell them when they feel sorry for me. Sometimes I think of myself as the things I can do, like hear. I bet I’m a better listener than you because thats what I’m good at, listening. My mom and I were at the store and I heard from far away a little boy was talking about a hole in his sock and his mother didn’t know where to find the new little boys socks. I said to my mom the little boy over there needs to know where the socks are. My mom said where, I can’t see a little boy. I said mom, don’t look for him, close your eyes and listen. She thought I was crazy but did what I asked. She heard him. She asked me how I could hear him so well and why I could hear so well. I responded I have different super powers than you.

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