Written by Mia; Elkhorn Valley View

     What do you do when you are blindfolded and gagged in the back of a stranger’s car? That’s what I would like to know. Because that just so happens to be my situation. I’m trying to figure out what I need to do. Should I try to get my hands and feet untied? I have no idea what to do or why this happened to me. One minute I’m sitting in the library reading my book and sipping my diet coke, trying to forget the fact I recently got amnesia, and the next minute I am laying blindfolded in the back of a stranger’s van. How would you react? Please help me. If you find this note please tell the police. My name is Rebecca Ritosech. And I have just been kidnapped.

     I throw the note out the window and hope my kidnapper didn’t see me throw it. I hope whoever finds it is able to read it. It is very difficult to write blindfolded with your hands tied up but I managed. The van comes to a screeching stop. I feel a blast of wind shoot up my back from the wind coming through the open door. 
     I can tell my kidnapper is strong from the size and roughness of his hands as he pulls me out of the car. I feel myself plop down on an air mattress. I attempt to push myself in a seated position when the blindfold is ripped off my face. I am blinded for about ten seconds. I blink a few times and regain my vision. The man I see in front of me has broad, muscley shoulders, and his face is filled with rage. My entire body tenses up when I see his hand come up close to my face. He reaches my mouth and rips off the strip of duct tape. I am sitting here quivering with fear as he tells me the one thing I fear most. 
     “I think you know why you are here.” Those eight works send me into shock. 
     “I got amnesia and I don’t remember anything.” I fearfully respond back. 
     “Then I guess you might just have to stay here until you remember.” He calmly replies, face filled with a deceptive smirk. 
     I wake up gasping for breath. Thank goodness it was just a plain old dream. But wait… Where am I…
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