Written by Mia; Elkhorn Valley View

     What do you do when you are blindfolded and gagged in the back of a stranger’s car? That’s what I would like to know. Because that just so happens to be my situation. I’m trying to figure out what I need to do. Should I try to get my hands and feet untied? I have no idea what to do or why this happened to me. One minute I’m sitting in the library reading my book and sipping my diet coke, trying to forget the fact I recently got amnesia, and the next minute I am laying blindfolded in the back of a stranger’s van. How would you react? Please help me. If you find this note please tell the police. My name is Rebecca Ritosech. And I have just been kidnapped.

     I throw the note out the window and hope my kidnapper didn’t see me throw it. I hope whoever finds it is able to read it. It is very difficult to write blindfolded with your hands tied up but I managed. The van comes to a screeching stop. I feel a blast of wind shoot up my back from the wind coming through the open door. 
     I can tell my kidnapper is strong from the size and roughness of his hands as he pulls me out of the car. I feel myself plop down on an air mattress. I attempt to push myself in a seated position when the blindfold is ripped off my face. I am blinded for about ten seconds. I blink a few times and regain my vision. The man I see in front of me has broad, muscley shoulders, and his face is filled with rage. My entire body tenses up when I see his hand come up close to my face. He reaches my mouth and rips off the strip of duct tape. I am sitting here quivering with fear as he tells me the one thing I fear most. 
     “I think you know why you are here.” Those eight works send me into shock. 
     “I got amnesia and I don’t remember anything.” I fearfully respond back. 
     “Then I guess you might just have to stay here until you remember.” He calmly replies, face filled with a deceptive smirk. 
     I wake up gasping for breath. Thank goodness it was just a plain old dream. But wait… Where am I…
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Written at South Side Minimart by Colton from Stuart


South Side is probably one of the most convenient convenience stores I know. Its a grocery store, gas station, truck stop, restaurant, and movie rental. If you ever need a snack or gas you just go to South Side. The people are super friendly as long as you’re a polite customer. If you ever go through Stuart I would suggest stopping at South Side.
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Life is different now by Maddy from Valentine

Life is different now

It used to be comfortable like a chair
It used to be as soft as a kitten like a chair
I used to use my legs to hold me like a chair
At least life is adjustable like a chair
I guess life breaks eventually like a chair
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Untitled by Adaline from Valentine

The automaton was simply left in the cold, lonely, and very dusty room. His owner had abandoned him 25 years ago. His owner was a retired magician who died the year before. The automaton was used for magic tricks, and he was able to draw pictures his master had. Now all he did was wait for someone to turn the key and watch.

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My Sweet Tooth by Emma from Stuart

The candy is so sweet,
It is really quite a treat.
Soft, gummy, or hard,
Quite a bit, or just a shard
The candy is a rainbow,
It can be sour or sweet even though…
Chocolate, fruit, or other,
“Please!” I’ll pay you back mother.
It’s so sweet to taste,
It never goes to waste,
My belly starts to ache,
It is not fake.
I can’t stop now,
Hersheys, Reeses, Snickers – Pow
I have to try it all,
Licorice and a gum ball.
There is no stopping me,
Sugar is the key,
What’s the big fuss?
I’ll slow down,
My mother laughs “What a clown.”
Not all the way,
But now I have to pay.
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Untitled by Maddy, Valentine Middle School

The wine reminds me that I’m to young to do a lot of things. Like drinking wine or beer. I can’t do middle school sports. I’m to young to vote. I’m to young to have a voice.

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The Boy that Could Only Hope by Taya from Stuart


     One cold night I raced into the dark forest ahead of me.  I got so far in that I could no longer see anything. I sat against a tree in the cold dark night  and held my lantern in my hand, hoping that one day everything would be okay. Was this lantern the key? It light up my soul and gives me hope. I see dark figures all around, and the sound of nature is getting louder and louder. What is it that is looking for me. I am only seeking life.
     It is so dark and quiet I only have time to think. Think about why this I happening to me, why me. As I gaze into my lantern all I can see is hope. Hope for me and for the world. Is this small dimming light my only hope? Is this light my redeemer? Or am I hopeless an lifeless? Please be my redeemer it is my only hope. I want to stop running from life and the world. Give me HOPE!
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