Band Reversal

Band is a waste of time
because I deny that
Band is an amazing learning experience
hanging out with friends is fun
but in Band, it’s non-existent
boring rehearsals
are all I have to look forward to
fun contests and concerts
are lies and
endless Marching Band practices
I’m not willing to continue Band
I can’t expect to have fun
I refuse to believe that
my instrumental skills will improve
my grades and
my scores
will plummet
I refuse to believe that Band’s fun

-Lydia, Gretna Middle School

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“Letting the World Reset” YWF 2015

Letting The World Reset

I awake to my youngest daughter only at age five, going into chemotherapy. Arden–my oldest daughter at fifteen–is standing right beside her. I’m telling them both its going to be alright. Arden has been through this before, surviving the deadly cancer. She had the same rare blood type as me and all the past generations. Everyone lived, except my now gone daughter, Audrey. After she died, at only at two months, all of the medications stopped working and the family had to go back to chemo. Once I got back to the horror of reality, Iris was moving in to chemotherapy, taking the pills that helped with the procedure. I couldn’t be in the room it was too difficult. It was the same procedure that killed Audrey. Nevertheless Arden stayed by Iris’s side the whole time. Suddenly I hear a scream come from the chemotherapy room; it sounded like Iris. The world started to spin faster, faster until I couldn’t see my own hands.

Suddenly, horror filled my shaking body, as I realize that the world had stopped. I was back in time to the medication lab. Making the meds that gave everyone life. I scramble trying new meds with all of the mixes that “supposedly” cure cancer. As soon as I make the small pills, I’m back to the time when Iris was taking the pills. The meds were already shipped all around the world just like the others. No one even mentioned that I was gone. Suddenly everyone died in the chemotherapy room, they just dropped dead. Then everyone started to die, everyone around us. It was only Arden, Iris, and I that were left.

We soon find out that the meds only work on our expensive blood type. Everyone else dies. I start to run, soon to hear my two daughters catching up quickly. I grab my phone, I call everyone. Telling them to meet me at the farm on County Road 29. I shove the keys into my small crappy car, the engine failing twice. Iris is in the back, laying down to help the pain in her feet from running barefoot, quickly to fall fast asleep. Arden, after comforting her sister to sleep, turns to me and right away, we start playing 20 questions. I don’t say anything to her, and just let her talk to get it out of her system.

Soon we arrive to the very small country house after driving for two and a half hours letting both of the girls rest. To see all of our family, who arrived with cows, pigs, chicken, and sheep. My aunt Kendra brought and axe, along with her husband Mark and their two girls, Addy (who was 12) and Avery (who just turned 10). I turned on the sound to the radio on my car ever so slightly, just so the little girls could dance the night away as we were put to work.

We build small, small pens for the animals. Night came and the cold settled in. Everyone rushed into the house but I stayed outside not being able to move due to a pain in my side. Then I turned off the car. I slowly walked into the small house, I lay next to Arden who at the moment was staring at the wall.

  I ask her, “So, what do you think of all this?” As I slowly close my eyes, eager to hear her response.

“I think its great, the world needs some time. You know what I mean?” she whispered to me as she laid down.

I responded with a simple, quick answer, “No, I really don’t.”

“Well, in my opinion the world needs some time to just reset,” she said as if she had prepared it.

“I think everyone needs to reset,” I whispered.

The pain killing inside of me took over. Thats when I realized, I needed to reset, just like the world. I doze off in an infinity of sleep, as if I was falling, knowing waking up is now not an option.


Wahoo Middle School

27 January 2015

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“Alone” YWF 2015


I run from the bus, for I crowded

I don’t need or want company

I have toys to play with, books to read,

music to play, stories to write.

But, today I line up the toys and get out the set,

for today’s play will be the best one, yet.

I think up the lines and the movement and get the scene just right.

A party, room for one and his toys

Move they around the room, letting imagination take flight.

Yet, my mother won’t be home for an hour so  set out to make sandwich, just right

For me, and me the only one on the guest list

Then he came knocking, his heart hopping

He was new and needed a friend, so I let him in.

The games became more fun,

Then she came round wanting to write a story, a poem

Now, I don’t need the toys!

I’m not alone.

At school, at home, everywhere

If we need each other we’ll always be there.

My days are much better

I feel light- hearted, see the world better

Now, I put the toys in a box,

And leave them alone, forever.

For, now my friends and I have grass to roll, sights to see food to eat.

The world opened up with him and her

My world isn’t my toys, my books

My world is them,

Him and Her


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“Untitled” –Anonymous 3 YWF 2015

Madness is just a

low, deep, quick sound

like a drum

I knew that sound well

a new panic seized me

until at length

it ceased

–Anonymous #4

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“Untitled” –Lauren YWF 2015

The eaves come out of the dark

The roofline stretches up toward the moon-

And yet, I have this strange feeling

That I shouldn’t leave so soon.

I don’t remember how I got here,

Or the direction from which I came-

The only thing I realize now is

That it has just started to rain.

The leaves blow swift in this fall-time night

And the inner lights shine bright as stars-

Slowly, I try to remember if

I’ve really come all that far

The memories are blurry and quick

As they come rushing back to my mind

I remember, now, what my goal really was

I definitely set out to find-


Lauren –O’Neill High School

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“Untitled” –JR YWF 2015

The old barn was quiet and dim

The perfect place to write

With a canvas blocking off a section

And a rug behind, the typewriter stood

Off on her own with her tabby and

Pictures, sat a girl in a chair

The dust lofted around, so thick

The scratchy feeling on your tongue

The light was dimming as the sun set

The tabby ready to pounce on whoever interrupted

The squeaking floorboards and the clicks of the keys

Was all that she heard those lone days with her tabby


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“Untitled” –Celina YWF 2015

The Boo Radley house is blue with broken windows and the door is gone, but it is boarded up. A man crawls through the boards and he is skinny to the bone and wears ripped clothing. he sits in the rocking chair that sits on the porch next to the door on the porch and watches children go by. it is Halloween and no one goes to the Boo Radley house on this night.


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