Letting the World Reset by Kyrah from Wahoo MS

I awake to my youngest daughter only at age five, going into chemotherapy. Arden–my oldest daughter at fifteen–is standing right beside her. I’m telling them both its going to be alright. Arden has been through this before, surviving the deadly cancer. She had the same rare blood type as me and all the past generations. Everyone lived, except my now gone daughter, Audrey. After she died, at only at two months, all of the medications stopped working and the family had to go back to chemo. Once I got back to the horror of reality, Iris was moving in to chemotherapy, taking the pills that helped with the procedure. I couldn’t be in the room it was too difficult. It was the same procedure that killed Audrey. Nevertheless Arden stayed by Iris’s side the whole time. Suddenly I hear a scream come from the chemotherapy room; it sounded like Iris. The world started to spin faster, faster until I couldn’t see my own hands.

Suddenly, horror filled my shaking body, as I realize that the world had stopped. I was back in time to the medication lab. Making the meds that gave everyone life. I scramble trying new meds with all of the mixes that “supposedly” cure cancer. As soon as I make the small pills, I’m back to the time when Iris was taking the pills. The meds were already shipped all around the world just like the others. No one even mentioned that I was gone. Suddenly everyone died in the chemotherapy room, they just dropped dead. Then everyone started to die, everyone around us. It was only Arden, Iris, and I that were left.

We soon find out that the meds only work on our expensive blood type. Everyone else dies. I start to run, soon to hear my two daughters catching up quickly. I grab my phone, I call everyone. Telling them to meet me at the farm on County Road 29. I shove the keys into my small crappy car, the engine failing twice. Iris is in the back, laying down to help the pain in her feet from running barefoot, quickly to fall fast asleep. Arden, after comforting her sister to sleep, turns to me and right away, we start playing 20 questions. I don’t say anything to her, and just let her talk to get it out of her system.

Soon we arrive to the very small country house after driving for two and a half hours letting both of the girls rest. To see all of our family, who arrived with cows, pigs, chicken, and sheep. My aunt Kendra brought and axe, along with her husband Mark and their two girls, Addy (who was 12) and Avery (who just turned 10). I turned on the sound to the radio on my car ever so slightly, just so the little girls could dance the night away as we were put to work.

We build small, small pens for the animals. Night came and the cold settled in. Everyone rushed into the house but I stayed outside not being able to move due to a pain in my side. Then I turned off the car. I slowly walked into the small house, I lay next to Arden who at the moment was staring at the wall.

  I ask her, “So, what do you think of all this?” As I slowly close my eyes, eager to hear her response.

“I think its great, the world needs some time. You know what I mean?” she whispered to me as she laid down.

I responded with a simple, quick answer, “No, I really don’t.”

“Well, in my opinion the world needs some time to just reset,” she said as if she had prepared it.

“I think everyone needs to reset,” I whispered.

The pain killing inside of me took over. Thats when I realized, I needed to reset, just like the world. I doze off in an infinity of sleep, as if I was falling, knowing waking up is now not an option.

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Escape from Home: Prologue by Jordan, Alice Buffet Middle School

Amongst a planet far away in the stars, after a devastating war, treaties and negotiations were being made to avoid such bloodshed ever again. Sphey’s population had been cut down by an estimated 90% after the mass havoc wreaked upon it. It’s once beautiful falls ran red with blood, and where there were once beautiful gardens now lay smoking ruins. As a result, for the first time ever did the world’s leaders negotiate a worldwide treaty called the Adverse Pact, for which the rules were simple. All of the world’s soldiers and countries would lend support to one another, and a higher power, called the Overhang, would supervise all of the scheduled activities. After a few years, when everything seemed fine, a new problem arose. There were rumors of people called “Skippers” who chafed under the rules and such strict order, who weren’t limited to one style of living. It seemed at the time that such a world could never live in peace, with everyone shaking from nervousness and hostility and fights breaking out amongst the citizens, often ending with fatal results. Then there came such a man nicknamed “The Break” because he often succeeded in breaking into people’s inner secrets, delving into their mind one by one. Thus he created a way to identify the rumored “Skippers” using a complicated series of tests simulated by a machine. Yet, he was a very cruel, unyielding man, keeping his authority by whispered threats, and often hiring assassins to make them keep quiet. Most everyone did their best to hide it, but he eventually managed to make them crack like a nutshell. So many leaders were afraid of the perils these people possessed, so the Overhang hired him to devise an efficient way to identify those who had the ability to disrupt the peace. After years of work, he had it. Every school across the world would require everyone who was twelve years old to take “The Discovery”. Here’s such a story of a boy who couldn’t hide it any longer…

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“Swaying Away” by Brittney -LFMS

Swaying away

At a place to stay
She wants to be around
But she can’t even find the ground
There’s land beneath her feet
But all she can feel is without lead
She tries to touch the sky
But is only pulled into the divide
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By: Britteny -LFMS

How can we tell ourselves that it’s okay

When reality says that she’s a fade
She has more spring to her than a bee
But stands as still as a tree
She’s gasping for air to breathe
But all she gets is an area as wide as the sea.


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A Two Way Mirror  by Ruby G. B.



These doors

The glass

I can see, but I cant tell who stands on the other side

Its a to way mirror

And I need the darkness to wash over me

To wash over all this blinding light

So I can see the people these muffled voices belong to

And who is saying my name

Over and over

I cant take the pressure

Theses windows

I need a way out

These doors

Make it stop

That bed

Make it go away

These beeping machines

I don’t like it

They only get louder and louder

Step by step

Closer and closer

Whisper by whisper



It all stops

And I’m left there

Staring into my own eyes

Not a two way mirror

But that bed

That body

My body

Lying there still

Breathing and alive

Yet dead on the inside

My body

Reaching out to me

Pointing to all the machines

To the off button

My body

Wanting the end of the world

To wash over her

In a tidal wave of reality

My body

Walking towards all the noisy machines

And reaching out

Only to press the off but-

It all fades to black

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So Precious by Brittney Carlson -LFMS

It’s so precious

The little souls we come upon
Everyday we take for granted
While our tongues end up a little hung
We put our faith with our belief
Sometimes turn into a melody
The precious souls we come upon
Sometimes end up tying our tongue
While we let our hearts fly free
Clinging to nothing but a tree
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Written by Mia; Elkhorn Valley View

     What do you do when you are blindfolded and gagged in the back of a stranger’s car? That’s what I would like to know. Because that just so happens to be my situation. I’m trying to figure out what I need to do. Should I try to get my hands and feet untied? I have no idea what to do or why this happened to me. One minute I’m sitting in the library reading my book and sipping my diet coke, trying to forget the fact I recently got amnesia, and the next minute I am laying blindfolded in the back of a stranger’s van. How would you react? Please help me. If you find this note please tell the police. My name is Rebecca Ritosech. And I have just been kidnapped.

     I throw the note out the window and hope my kidnapper didn’t see me throw it. I hope whoever finds it is able to read it. It is very difficult to write blindfolded with your hands tied up but I managed. The van comes to a screeching stop. I feel a blast of wind shoot up my back from the wind coming through the open door. 
     I can tell my kidnapper is strong from the size and roughness of his hands as he pulls me out of the car. I feel myself plop down on an air mattress. I attempt to push myself in a seated position when the blindfold is ripped off my face. I am blinded for about ten seconds. I blink a few times and regain my vision. The man I see in front of me has broad, muscley shoulders, and his face is filled with rage. My entire body tenses up when I see his hand come up close to my face. He reaches my mouth and rips off the strip of duct tape. I am sitting here quivering with fear as he tells me the one thing I fear most. 
     “I think you know why you are here.” Those eight works send me into shock. 
     “I got amnesia and I don’t remember anything.” I fearfully respond back. 
     “Then I guess you might just have to stay here until you remember.” He calmly replies, face filled with a deceptive smirk. 
     I wake up gasping for breath. Thank goodness it was just a plain old dream. But wait… Where am I…
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